Friday 20 May 2022
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Ukraine eyes law to deprive people of citizenship
Monkeypox spreading in Europe, US, has African scientists baffled
Russia says it paid its Eurobond coupons in full
Clea Shearer starts chemotherapy for breast cancer
Made With Lau started as a humble home cooking project. Now it s a YouTube success story
Dow is on pace for longest weekly losing streak since 1923
Biden mixes up president’s name
Brussels and Berlin’s witch-hunt against ex-German chancellor who defended Germany and the EU against US pressure
Paralyzed man uses microchip implanted in brain to drive race car
Meet the women who say they performed thousands of abortions before it was legal
Why Arabs aren t laughing at George W. Bush s gaffe on Ukraine and Iraq
Video about baby formula scarcity goes viral
WHO convenes emergency meeting over rare disease outbreak – media
Britain names its toughest economic challenge
The Voice of Palestine: When a journalist becomes the story
Johnny Depp was jealous and controlling, ex-girlfriend Ellen Barkin says
Russia warns of mounting threats to its security
NYT investigation reveals potential war crime in Bucha
Russia outlines financial priorities
UK intel believes Russia has fired senior commanders who performed poorly
Germany, Qatar sign energy partnership agreement
Russian wrestler punches rival in shocking scenes (VIDEO)
We sanctioned Russia to protect its athletes, IOC chief insists
US Secret Service: Two sent home after incident in South Korea
Pfizer and Moderna created life-saving vaccines. So why are their stocks crumbling?
A Buffalo supermarket worker dialed 911 during the massacre and was asked, Why are you whispering? Now, the dispatcher is set to be fired
How one Russian missile changed the lives of two men forever
Russia is about to cut off Finland s natural gas
NATO applicant arms terrorists – Turkey
Markets: US stocks rise as China lifts sentiment
Oh my god! It s amazing : Tucci s wife is stunned by this pasta dish
911 dispatcher faces termination over call made during mass shooting
Election official says Trump said she should be potentially executed
Actress Ellen Barkin testifies against Johnny Depp
Bodycam video shows officer save infant
Elon Musk denies sexual harassment claims
Boeing successfully launches Starliner, spacecraft that will take astronauts to ISS
Hard to live with this : Hear from man who lost 3-month-old in Russian strike
Anti-Kremlin exiles suggest way to tell apart ‘good Russians’
As the Ukraine war rages, Montenegro’s juggling act gets harder
Russia to cut gas supplies to Finland on Saturday: Gasum
G7 countries to provide $19.8bn in economic aid to Ukraine
IMF extends Somalia funding to August following election
Biden’s top energy official grilled over Putin claim
Elon Musk s Crash Course explores the limits of Tesla s self-driving technology
US Secret Service members sent home from South Korea as Biden embarks on first Asia tour
Finland prepares for life without Russian gas
Russia is about to cut off Finland s natural gas
Ukraine says giant Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant can t supply Russia
Mbappe decision looms as PSG ‘make staggering offer’ to keep star
Night Sky imagines the life of that sweet older couple next door with a sci-fi twist
Downton Abbey: A New Era delivers the same old mix of warmth and tears
US says Hotel Rwanda hero Rusesabagina wrongly detained
Burkina Faso: Eleven soldiers dead in attack on army base
Rwanda expects first 50 asylum seekers transferred from UK by end of May
George W. Bush outlines Ukraine’s mission to prankster
Shoigu: Russia to build military bases in response to NATO moves
Brutal French Open scenario revealed for Djokovic and Nadal
Attorney who challenged election results says Trump wrote him handwritten notes
Russia will not give away gas for free – Kremlin
Pakistan holds bailout talks with IMF in Qatar as economy falters
German ex-Chancellor Schroeder leaves Russian oil firm
Why the looming bear market will be different
Exclusive: Trevor Reed details surviving horrendous conditions in Russian psychiatric treatment facility
Elon Musk calls sexual misconduct allegations ‘political hit piece’
A Buffalo supermarket worker dialed 911 during the massacre and was asked, Why are you whispering? Now, the dispatcher is set to be fired, an official said
Children are more likely to succeed if they live in this type of environment
France, Germany, Belgium report first monkeypox virus cases
MI5 agent s violence and abuse horrific - Deputy PM
PKK central to Turkish opposition to Sweden, Finland joining NATO
UN: 18 million facing severe hunger in Sahel region
Fifty Brazilian couples share a wedding day
Justice Department unveils new efforts to combat hate crimes
Steel plant commander: Order given to stop defending Mariupol
William and Kate join Tom Cruise on Top Gun: Maverick red carpet
Families ration formula for children as shortage worsens
Mass shooters are increasingly attacking soft targets such as supermarkets. Experts say securing them will be difficult
As global cases rise, researchers race to solve puzzle of mysterious hepatitis cases in children
US intel skeptical Putin will be swayed by Russian public opinion over war in Ukraine
An order has been given to stop defending Mariupol, says commander at Azovstal steel plant
Ex-German chancellor quits Russian oil giant
Ukraine war boosts Europeanism in border-wary Greece
Kiev wants Donbass authorities ‘physically gone’
Russians didn’t want to join NATO, US claims
China boosts energy imports from Russia
6 surprising things about bees on World Bee Day
‘We are going to die’: Food crisis worsens misery of Sri Lankans
Treat the fans better! : Justin Thomas shocked by food prices at PGA Championship
Firefighters in Ukraine s nuclear town protest against Russia
UK intelligence believes Russia has fired senior commanders who performed poorly
After Terra crash, investors and regulators count cost of crypto
Twitter’s new crisis misinformation policy: All you need to know
G7 wants to cap Russian oil price – US Treasury
Premier League legend fights fan in more pitch invasion shame (VIDEO)
The quest for longer-lasting Covid-19 vaccines
The luxury safari camp trying to move on from its colonial past
French Open: Carlos Alcaraz and Iga Swiatek are tennis rising stars
‘It was Khabib’s idea’ – Eagle FC president details plans for Fedor fight
Donbas is completely destroyed, Zelensky says, accusing Russia of deliberate attempt to kill as many Ukrainians as possible
Polish lawmakers reach compromise on judicial reforms
Kiev wants the word ‘Russians’ erased from memory
Tiger Woods struggles at PGA Championship: Walking hurts and twisting hurts ... It s just golf
Argentina found guilty of massacre of Qom and Moqoit people
Rajapaksa not only needs to go, he needs to face accountability
Belarus charges dissident with organising ‘terrorist’ group
Indonesia flags sales rule after ditching palm oil export ban
Nikhat Zareen becomes fifth Indian woman to win world boxing gold
The future is post-Western
US considers lifting Belarus sanctions – media
Ruble smashes four-year high against the greenback
Marcus Smart returns to help the Boston Celtics beat the Miami Heat in Game 2
China slashes key interest rate as housing sales collapse
Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 86
The curious case of Russia’s presence in Central African Republic
Biden heads to Asia to boost Indo-Pacific ties amid Ukraine war
Mountain climber presumed dead after falling into crevasse in Alaska park
Mentally broken by the treatment of women s football, Ada Hegerberg savors joyful return to Norwegian national team
Human-induced climate crisis is making Japan s cherry blossoms bloom earlier
New video shows no fighting before journalist Abu Akleh’s killing
Police respond to ‘ongoing violent incident’ in Norway
China needs Russian coal. Moscow needs new customers
Anti-abortion activist charged with stalking California doctor who provides abortions
Many dead in strike near Chernihiv as Ukrainian President accuses Russia of deliberate and criminal attempt to kill as many Ukrainians as possible
Russia has turned Ukraine’s Donbas into ‘hell’, Zelenskyy says
Australia election: Do people trust their PM candidates?
Cyber security: Global food supply chain at risk from malicious hackers
‘Difficult to believe’: Biden’s economy plan a tough sell in Asia
Analysis: North Korea is facing a Covid disaster. What does that mean for Kim Jong Un?
Post-election calm prevails in Beirut’s divided neighbourhoods
Sri Lanka bank says fuel shortage set to ease as students protest
Oklahoma passes bill banning most abortions after conception
US buys millions of vaccine doses for new virus
Canada reveals Huawei decision
Biden set to arrive in South Korea as worries grow over possible North Korean missile test
North Korea is grappling with a Covid disaster. What does that mean for Kim Jong Un?
Australians ‘uniformly worried’ about economy on election eve
Canada to ban Huawei from its 5G networks
North Korea shuns outside help as COVID catastrophe looms
Australia says man returned from Europe probably has monkeypox
Baby formula shortage: Experts urge parents not to make homebrews
The ex-prisoners tasked with patrolling San Francisco
Ireland gives warm welcome to Ukrainians fleeing conflict. Asylum-seekers from elsewhere point to unequal treatment
John Aylward, known for roles in ER and West Wing, dead at 75
Milwaukee private school files motion to dismiss Michelle Obama s brother s media campaign lawsuit
A Florida officer is charged after a botched arrest resulted in an explosion that left a suspect with burns over much of his body
The economic hits keep coming as Biden s promised return to normal eludes America
See former Russian colonel s big change after criticizing Putin s war on state TV
Biden offers strong support for Finland s and Sweden s NATO bids
Many dead in strike near Chernihiv as Ukrainian President accuses Russia of deliberate and criminal attempt to kill as many Ukrainians as possible
Donbas is completely destroyed, Zelensky says, accusing Russia of deliberate attempt to kill as many Ukrainians as possible
Coke s new bottle cap doesn t come off
US Navy names destroyer after Filipino Medal of Honor recipient
Chariots of Fire, Blade Runner composer Vangelis dies aged 79
Golf star repeatedly slams club into bag after bad play at PGA Championship
Former Victoria s Secret model shows off baby bump on Cannes red carpet
Flight attendant delivers passenger s baby on board Frontier Airlines flight
Soaring house prices create a new crisis in Australia
As Australia votes, cost of living a key concern
What’s next for crypto investors?
Canada to ban Huawei, ZTE 5G equipment, joining Five Eyes allies
Taylor Swift graduation speech: Embrace cringe
China s silenced feminist: How Sophia Huang Xueqin went missing
Woman kidnapped as a child reunites with rescuer
Meet Gleb and Ukraine’s youth orchestra in exile in Slovenia
LGBTQ+ in Qatar: Waking up in fear every day is exhausting
I learned to sing using YouTube - and now it s my career
Russia s laser weapon claim derided as propaganda
Women awarded damages over Japan exam discrimination
Nnamdi Kanu: Nigerian separatist allowed to watch Liverpool games on TV
Russian McDonald s buyer to rebrand restaurants
Bush condemns Putin s invasion of Iraq instead of Ukraine
Israeli coalition government in crisis as MP quits
Vangelis: Chariots of Fire and Blade Runner composer dies at 79
Monkeypox cases investigated in Europe, US and Canada
Former Afghanistan official apologises for his role in the fall of the country
Ukrainian widow confronts Russian soldier accused of killing her husband
Ukraine war: US fully backs Sweden and Finland Nato bids - Biden
Analysis: South Korea and Japan just don t get along. That s a problem for Biden
Many dead in strike near Chernihiv as Ukrainian President accuses Russia of deliberate and criminal attempt to kill as many Ukrainians as possible
Eurovision winner says song is anthem of our victory for Ukraine
Carmen Electra joins OnlyFans to take control of her image
Watch John Mulaney and Andy Samberg roast Jimmy Kimmel for getting Covid again
Ancient poop reveals what the builders of Stonehenge liked to eat
Amnesty urges FIFA to earmark at least $440M to compensate migrant workers for abuses in Qatar
Ghost fossils reveal tiny organisms that survived ancient ocean warming events
Human hair is being used to clean up oil spills
Boeing makes third attempt to launch its Starliner capsule to the ISS
Scientists discover hidden forest inside massive sinkhole in China
He built a moving, nearly life-sized Star Wars X-wing fighter. Now, he wants to use it to help Ukraine
Sean Connery s own classic Aston Martin is for sale
The restaurant where real Italian mothers rule the kitchen
Dolphins use healing properties of coral, study suggests
The 16-year-old Indian chess sensation who beat Magnus Carlsen
Sports Illustrated s swimsuit issue is a step back in time. And not in a good way
Australia is on the frontline for climate change, yet it does little to fight it. Here s why
How Australia s mate-ocracy created a toxic Parliament
We feel suffocated : Afghan women open up about life under the Taliban
A glimmer of hope for food prices? Indonesia lifts palm oil export ban
Here we go again: Stocks tumble to continue their lousy 2022
This has FIFA s Player of the Century both excited and pissed off
Suspect in racist Buffalo mass shooting indicted by a grand jury
Man accused in attack on Dave Chappelle faces attempted murder charges in separate incident
Rihanna and A$AP Rocky welcome first child
January 6 committee investigating Capitol tour given by GOP lawmaker on the eve of the insurrection
Israeli lawmaker resigns over harassment of Palestinians, plunging government into parliamentary minority
Italian coffee shop fined $1,050 for failing to display price of espresso
Twitter in a very strong legal position if Musk tries to back out of deal
In the world s largest democracy, looking Muslim could cost your life
North Korea sends cargo planes to China as country fights pandemic
Analysis: Trump taints Pennsylvania GOP Senate primary with fresh fraud lies
Mercedes just sold the world s most expensive car for $142 million
Female Afghan TV journalists describe psychological prison of covering faces on air
Still room for a peacemaker : Hear from civilians on Sweden s NATO application
Pro-Russia online operatives spread false claim about Zelensky
Johnny Depp associates testify about challenges working with him
How Ukrainian evacuees are staying hidden in subways
Why North Korea s Covid-19 outbreak could shock the world
What is monkeypox and its signs and symptoms?
Video captures moment Russian missile hit beach hotel
Donbas is completely destroyed, Zelensky says, accusing Russia of deliberate attempt to kill as many Ukrainians as possible
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Italian energy major agrees to pay for gas in rubles
NATO member blocks Sweden and Finland s accession talks – media
Worst of economic shock over for Russia – official
Khabib accepts Ferguson challenge
Production date for Russia’s next-generation weapons revealed
US wants to lure India away from Russia – Bloomberg
Russian athletes sanctioned means they are ‘winners’ – Kadyrov
Russia expels dozens of foreign diplomats
Turkey outlines expectations from NATO
Britons brace for gloomy future as cost of living soars
EU unveils energy rationing plan
EU to bankroll Ukraine’s budget
US soccer strikes ‘historic’ equal pay deal
Shoplifting seagull wanted for knocking off Tesco
Laser weapons used in Ukraine – Russia
Inflation in Austria highest since 1981
Can Africa replace Russia as the EU s main source of gas?
US issues dire warning for global economy
Russia kicks out Canadian state media
Debt default will hardly impact Russia – US Treasury
Russia World Cup hero breaks hearts with Brazil return
Top Twitter boss dubs Musk a ‘loony tune’ – Project Veritas
Seizing Russian assets to rebuild Ukraine illegal – US
UK families warm themselves at McDonald’s – Guardian
The imminent global food crisis is being blamed on Russia, but the truth is rather more complex
Israel to simulate attack on Iran – media
Messi camp responds to rumors of US move
World as vulnerable as before Covid – WHO
Rare disease spreads in Europe
EU seeks to sanction ex-chancellor and former FM – media
US puts ‘disinformation board’ on hold
Aussie PM bulldozes youngster in awkward campaign gaffe (VIDEO)
US celebrates ‘momentous step’ in Kiev
‘Plan B’ ready in case of nuclear test during Biden’s Asia visit
Azov commander boasts about gruesome photos of executed civilians
Another NATO leader voices opposition to Sweden and Finland
UN chief calls for climate Marshall Plan
US confirms first case of rare disease
Disputed territory seeks NATO and EU membership
‘I’m wondering when we voted to go to war?’ – US Congressman
George W. Bush condemns ‘unjustified invasion of Iraq’
Pfizer vaccine boosters approved for younger age group
Civilian killed in Ukrainian shelling of Russian territory – governor
No replacement for Russian Grand Prix, says F1
Senate votes on key office in Ukraine
One injured as shooter opens fire at German school
Helsinki comments on hosting NATO bases or nukes
Wheat prices to surge as Ukraine’s harvest shrinks – official
Khabib responds after plot for UFC title fight return
Russian exports can solve global food crisis – UN
Russian no.1 grateful for ‘support’ over Wimbledon ban
Half of Russia’s gas buyers agree to pay in rubles – Novak
Russia ranks unfriendly nations
This is just a lie : How Jeff Bezos Washington Post twisted a report about Donbass refugees to fit its narrative
Football star accused of stamping on fan during pitch invasion (VIDEO)
India looks to scoop up divested Western assets in Russia – media
Ukraine disappointed with level of US support – media
More Ukrainians surrender in Mariupol – Russia
Turkey outlines position on Russian gas
FIFA faces mammoth money demand over ‘abused’ migrant workers
Global famine likely this year – Putin aide
Female referees selected for Qatar World Cup
US lawmaker threatens Turkey over NATO stance – media
Red-pilled Elon Musk has plenty of reasons to be fed up with the Democrats
Boozy Tyson Fury caught lashing out at taxi (VIDEO)
Husband charged with murder after ex-college soccer star found dead
Ukraine responds to Macron EU plan
Western actions damaged food security – Russia
Italy proposes peace plan for Ukraine – media
EU parliament votes to sanction Germany’s ex-chancellor
Future for McDonald’s in Russia revealed
US move to block debt payments will not affect Russia’s reputation – Medvedev
Turkey names conditions for U-turn on Finland and Sweden’s NATO bid – media
Fresh cases of rare monkeypox located
Khabib pitches fight plan for fellow Russian legend
George Bush’s Iraq slip when slamming Putin is perfect irony
Banned Russian volleyball coach refuses to apologize for ‘monkey’ insult
Elon Musk’s fortune has shrunk 20% since his bid for Twitter – media
Germany’s ex-leader loses privileges over Russia connection
EU running out of Russia sanctions – Euractiv
US Senate passes $40 billion Ukraine bill
UK to offer up fresh weapons to Ukraine
China calls for BRICS expansion
Сhinese elites given directive on foreign assets – WSJ
NATO expansion ‘not a threat’ – Biden
Oscar-winning ‘Blade Runner’ composer dies
English fan jailed for vicious headbutt on footballer (VIDEO)
Messi penalty saved by robot goalkeeper (VIDEO)
Poland ready to build ‘permanent’ NATO bases
US reveals record number of its troops in Poland
With a $40 billion plan, the US is setting itself up for an expensive failure in Ukraine
Ukraine conflict can spread out, France warns
Russian and US top generals hold talks
US to send anti-ship missiles to Ukraine – Reuters
Thousands take to streets in Armenian capital
Russia will not export food to detriment of own market – top official
Twitter to enhance censorship over Ukraine
School official to host ‘Queer Youth Open Mic Night’ at her sex shop
US miscounts population, costing one party Congress seats and funding
Kamala Harris stands up for ‘personal decisions’
Africa contained monkeypox outbreaks during COVID – Africa CDC
End of an era: McDonald’s strikes deal to sell Russia restaurants
Paying to get paid: Young Zimbabweans trade money, sex for jobs
Taliban say female Afghan TV presenters must cover faces on air
Rwanda to get first batch of asylum seekers from UK this May
Jordan king places half brother Prince Hamzah under house arrest
US offers ‘complete backing’ for NATO bids by Sweden and Finland
Grand jury indicts Buffalo man accused of killing 10 Black people
‘Unprecedented’: US Congress passes massive Ukraine aid package
Russia says opening Ukraine ports would need review of sanctions
US accuses Cuba of using upcoming summit as propaganda
Nobel winner Jose Ramos-Horta sworn in as East Timor president
More Russian oil going east squeezes Iranian crude sales to China
US sanctions Lebanese businessman over alleged Hezbollah links
US baby formula crisis: What you need to know
US stocks fall in another volatile day of trading
What might happen to Ukraine’s Azovstal prisoners of war?
Could Libya return to civil war?
Trudeau to ban China’s Huawei from 5G in Canada
Russia-Ukraine live news: Donbas fully destroyed, says Zelenskyy
US: Oklahoma passes bill banning nearly all abortions
Shireen Abu Akleh: US lawmakers demanding FBI investigate killing
US panel recommends COVID booster jab for children aged 5 to 11
Young Timorese celebrate diversity after historical trauma
Why so many big tech companies have European headquarters in Ireland
Meet the fisherman who could win $100M from Elon Musk
Tales of Covid-19 reinfection
One of Texas most wanted criminals has been missing for more than a week. Here s what we know
CDC monitors 6 people in US for possible rare monkeypox, says public should not be concerned
5 Asian military hotspots and how they play into Biden s visit
Biden offers strong support for Finland and Sweden s NATO bids after meeting with leaders
Asylum seekers stuck on Diego Garcia start hunger strike
Australia election: Why is Australia s parliament so white?
Assam: The wild mushrooms killing India tea garden workers
Australia election 2022: Cost of living worries voters
North Korea: Fighting Covid with traditional medicine
Ukraine war: One Russian s anti-war protest on the side of his shopping centre
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